Our services (Treatments)


Arthritis & Gout, Cervical Spondylitis & Lumbar Spondylitis, Paralysis, Obesity, Skin Disease, Hair related disease, Digestive related disorder, Neurological Disease, Anxiety, Respiratory disorder, Gynecological Disorder, Urinary Tract & Kidney Related Diseases etc.


Dental Radiographs, Oral Prophylaxis, Pairless Extractions, Single Sitting RCTs, Crown & Bridges, Midline Space Correction, Treatment for the Sharp Cusps, Treatment for the Fractured Tooth, Treatment of Primary Dentition, Tooth Color Filling, Treatment Of Attrited Tooth Etc.


Constipation, Allergy, Skin Diseases, Hair fall, Gynecological Disorder, Joint Disease, Thyroid, Renal Stone, Piles and Fistula, Tonsillitis, Headache, Appendicitis, Psychiatric, Child Health Issue

Beauty Salon

Facial, Waxing, Cutting, etc.

Yoga & Mediation

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